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May 14, 2019
by layne22sw

I Am The Summit – Week 10 Final Blog Post


BY Layne 


I am The Summit

I am covered in flags, symbolizing that I am the last checkpoint

I wonder when someone new will reach me, or if they will make it at all

I hear crunching footsteps

I see triumphed faces

I want to see the boy make it


I am The Summit

I pretend that the climbers hurt themselves for a reason

I feel their happiness, and their sadness

I touch the sky

I worry about the people who are struggling to reach me

I cry when I see them fall, fail, or die


I am The Summit

I understand the climbers’ happiness

I say, “You can do it, boy! You can reach me!”

I dream that they will see their families again

I try to let them up, to watch the climbing party go farther up

I hope he makes it

I am The Summit


May 3, 2019
by layne22sw

Progress in Peak

 Peak is a book about a kid named Peak who climbs Mt. Everest. He is caught climbing the Woolworth building and is sentenced to 3 years in juvenile detention, but his deadbeat dad comes and saves him. He takes Peak to Tibet and he tells him what he plans to have Peak do. Peak’s dad, Josh, has decided to take Peak up the mountain. It’s his job. And he won’t give up. Peak starts making his way up the mountain, slowly but surely. Have any of you ever read Peak? Make sure to comment questions below!

April 25, 2019
by StarPilot

Ireland – Week 8 Post

Dia dhuit! Welcome to Ireland! I don’t live in Ireland, but half of my family is from there. Ireland is a country in Europe. The main language they speak there is English, but the traditional language is Gaelic. It is a very interesting country with 4.784 million people living in it. I hope to travel there someday and see the roots of my family!


Creative Commons CC0 License

Image via wikimedia

April 19, 2019
by layne22sw

My Favorite Music – Week 6 Blogging Challenge

This is an uncommon opinion, especially for fifth graders, but my favorite band is Panic! At The Disco. My second favorite band is My Chemical Romance. They’re both rock bands, but MCR (My Chemical Romance) broke up. I still    listen to their music everyday, even though they don’t make new music. P!ATD (Panic! At The Disco) recently made a new album. I recommend listening to it! Here is the link to the main song of Pray for the Wicked. The picture  is the main singer in P!ATD, Brendon Urie.


Image CC-BY-2.0.

April 5, 2019
by layne22sw

About My School – Blog Challenge Week 5

 I go to private independent school in eastern Pennsylvania. We have engineering and design, Spanish, science, art, music, and many more specials. I chose the swings because they are my favorite thing on the playground. I go there and hang out everyday with my friends when we can. It’s super fun to twist around and go super high!

April 2, 2019
by layne22sw

Giving Credit for Images

Hi! What I noticed a lot of people doing was using images from Pixabay and sites like that, but I decided to share something I like doing! This is a drawing I made for someone. It is based off of their avatar on a game. Something you should know is that sometimes it can be illegal to use images without credit. Make sure to credit the creators, sometimes it can make the creator feel bad too. Make sure to give credit when using an image and make sure you write it properly. You never know what could happen if you don’t!

March 15, 2019
by layne22sw
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How-To Write a Quality Comment

1. Always ask questions! I think it’s super fun to engage in conversation with others, and answering questions encourages it.

2. Give compliments. It always makes my day reading something nice that someone else thought!

3. Disagreeing is okay. You can share your opinion, or agree to disagree. Engaging in conversation and sharing your thoughts on the matter is always okay.

4. Stay on topic. It’s always cool to see someone commenting about what you posted about and enjoying and relating.

That’s all of the advice I have! If you would like to test these tricks feel free to comment down below!

March 10, 2019
by layne22sw

My Student Blogging Challenge!

Hi! As you can probably see from before, I use this account for blogging about book club! Before, we were reading When the Sea Turned to Silver, but now we are reading a book called Heart of a Samurai. They both take place in ancient Asia, and we are learning about East Asia in social studies. We are also doing research papers on Asian countries. Let me know what you think about my posts and give me some feedback in the comments!

January 15, 2019
by layne22sw

Six Line Summary of The Story of the Stolen Bite of Peach

•Emperor was related to the Queen Mother of the Heavens.

•For his sixtieth birthday, the Queen gives him a peach that will lead him to immortality.

•The Queen hands it to a servant and somebody takes it.

•They take a bite of the peach and gets sent to the prison for life.

•He eats the peach and hopes it will work after the bite.

•He is killed a few years later when his palace is invaded.

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